To Leave Or Wait For A Tow Truck Driver: When To Do What

Must you be there to have your vehicle towed? No. You can always make arrangements with the tow truck company so that you don't have to be there when the driver arrives. That said, whether or not you should stay or leave comes down to a consideration of the circumstances. Here is a quick look at different scenarios that will inform your decision.

Leave for Your Personal Safety

Waiting for the tow truck by the roadside of a busy highway exposes you to the risk of getting involved in an accident. Protect yourself by moving away if you cannot move your vehicle off the road. The same applies if you get caught up in bad weather. Additionally, you may feel unsafe waiting for the tow truck in an unfamiliar area.

Your personal safety should always be a priority. You can choose to shelter elsewhere that is close enough to the wrecked vehicle or call a cab home, leaving the tow truck company to do their job.

Stay and Keep Watch Over Valuables

The tow truck company will not be responsible for any damage and/or loss of property you may leave in the disabled vehicle. While you can always take valuable personal items and other easy-to-carry items with you, this may be a challenge when you have bulkier items or cargo. This is especially so when you cannot easily load the cargo onto a different vehicle.

For your peace of mind, it is best to wait for the tow truck driver to arrive. Create or share an inventory of your items and check against this list at the destination.

Stick Around for a Quick Fix

Many companies offer emergency roadside assistance in addition to conventional towing services. Sometimes, you may not even need to have your vehicle towed. Flat tires and a dead battery are among the common problems the tow truck company can help you solve. 

You can also get the driver to bring you a tank of gas. It shouldn't take long to change your tires or jumpstart your vehicle. Wait for the operator to arrive and undertake the necessary fix so you can drive off in your car.

Communication Is Key

Whether you are waiting for the tow truck driver or leaving, ensure you communicate effectively. In both situations, let the company know how to find you and your vehicle by sharing precise directions, including a landmark. Also, provide details on the make of your vehicle. If you choose to leave, stay in communication with the tow truck company to track where your wrecked vehicle has been towed.

Reach out to a towing company for more advice.