Great Advice For Those Starting Heavy-Duty Towing Companies

​​​​​Heavy-duty towing involves transporting massive vehicles like semi-trucks and other commercial vehicles. If you plan to run a heavy-duty towing business, read on to pick up some helpful tips and tricks for the industry.

Use Tow Trucks With the Right Payload Capacity

Commercial vehicles are usually large, sometimes weighing thousands of pounds. When starting a heavy-duty towing company, you need tow trucks that support a sizable weight range. 

You can make impactful tow truck investments if you select an appropriate payload capacity, the maximum weight a vehicle can support safely. Fortunately, you have many payload capacities to choose from. 

After looking at the commercial vehicles you plan to tow consistently, you'll know what payload capacity is enough to help you run a successful, safe towing business for years. 

Thoroughly Vet Tow Truck Drivers

It takes good awareness, ample experience, and unrelenting confidence to operate a tow truck with a large commercial vehicle behind it. Do your best to find drivers who possess these abilities. You'll succeed if you thoroughly vet all candidates who apply to your heavy-duty towing company.

Set screening up to look at resumes, driving experience, and training. You should also assess each tow truck driver's intangibles, including calmness under pressure and critical-thinking skills. These assessments will leave you with a skilled group of tow truck drivers. 

Perform Routine Tow Truck Inspections

You don't want to take any chances when performing heavy-duty towing because one slip-up can result in a severe accident. Along these lines, perform routine inspections on each tow truck your company depends on.

Before each job, look over significant parts to ensure there aren't red flags you must address before hitting the road. You don't even have to perform these inspections yourself. Maintenance programs are available with professional shops and they include extensive inspections. 

Continue to Invest in Your Drivers' Training 

Since heavy-duty towing involves a lot more weight than standard towing, take the opportunity to continually invest in your tow truck drivers' training. They're the driving force that keeps your tow business running and deserve as many helpful skills as you can give them.

In addition to your tow truck drivers improving their ability to handle large loads, you'll keep them updated with modern tow truck practices. For instance, they'll become familiar with the latest GPS tracking software. 

Starting a heavy-duty towing business is a great way to help drivers in need. Your business will succeed if you refine your towing operations early on with proven tactics.