Popular Towing Service Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

Like other professionals, companies that provide towing services have a reputation to maintain. However, people spread misconceptions that make it difficult for potential customers to seek assistance. This often occurs because they don't know much about the company or the services they provide. 

Taking the time to learn these myths can help you make an informed choice when your vehicle malfunctions, gets damaged in an accident, or when you need to transport your vintage or new car, boat, or motorcycle. Some of these misconceptions are shared below.

Your Vehicle Will Get Damaged

Before towing your vehicle, you likely want to know if it will be safe. Towing professionals don't damage vehicles during transportation. This is because they make sure that the automobile is towed correctly. The safest option is the use of a flatbed tow truck. 

Once the vehicle is adequately secured, it will reach its destination safely. Even techniques such as hook and chain don't damage the car, provided the task is done correctly. So, as you search for a company to handle the towing work, ensure they are qualified to handle the job.

Truck Drivers Ask for Payment in Advance

Another misconception people believe is that they will be asked for payment upfront. Provided you are working with a reputable service provider, you will make the payment once the job is done. These companies understand that their clients are more focused on the situation and shouldn't be forced to provide an instant payment. Most providers have flexible payment plans, so your present circumstance will come first.

You Cannot Get the Service at Night

Incidents that create the need for emergency towing services, like an accident, can occur anytime, meaning that the towing service will be required at that time. Towing companies operate 24/7 because they understand that their services are needed at any time of the day. So, if you need their assistance, even during late hours, don't hesitate to call a towing service company in your area for help.

Towing Companies Don't Provide Additional Services

This misconception has misled many people and forced them to suffer for long hours without a solution. The truth is that towing companies offer additional services other than pulling a wrecked or impounded vehicle. 

These professionals provide other services such as load shifting, tire change, fuel delivery, vehicle jump starting, unlocking car doors, and underwater or off-road vehicle delivery. But before you contact a towing company, confirm if they can provide the required service since the capabilities of towing providers vary.

To learn more, contact a towing service in your area.