4 Things You Need To Know About Heavy Duty Towing

Heavy-duty towing is a specialized type of towing that is designed for oversized vehicles, such as an RV or a tractor. Towing something that big requires a larger vehicle than one required to tow a passenger car or truck. It is important to understand how the process works when it comes to heavy-duty towing

1. Vehicles that Require Heavy-Duty Towing 

First, it is essential to understand when a towing company can no longer use a regular towing vehicle and needs heavy-duty equipment to move your vehicle.  

Vehicles that generally require heavy-duty towing capabilities include:  

  • Semi-trucks and trailers 
  • Motor homes 
  • Recreational vehicles (RVs) 
  • Buses (mini to full size)  
  • Garbage Trucks 
  • Bobtails 
  • Big Rigs 
  • Construction equipment 

Vehicles that are longer, larger, and heavier generally require heavy-duty towing capabilities.  

2. Equipment Used for Heavy-Duty Towing 

Second, heavy-duty towing companies use different equipment than a standard towing company. They usually require the use of pulleys and winches to pull oversized vehicles onto the flatbed. The flatbed truck that they use will be equipped with a stronger engine and stronger support to handle all the weight of the vehicles they are towing. 

3. Techniques Used for Heavy-Duty Towing 

With heavy-duty towing, the techniques used to secure the vehicle depends on what happened to it. If it was involved in an accident, and it is on its side, they may use inflatables to help roll the vehicle over and get it upright. 

Once the vehicle is upright, they will use a wheel-lift, hook, and chain system to move the vehicle. Generally, the vehicle will get pulled up onto a flatbed, especially if it is damaged. However, the vehicle may be attached to a hitch and carefully pulled in some cases.  

4. Safety with Heavy-Duty Towing 

With heavy-duty towing, safety will be a top priority for the company that is moving your vehicle. They will be experienced with using different techniques to pull your vehicle. They will know how to lift and place your oversized machinery or vehicle onto a flatbed or use a hitch without causing additional damage to the vehicle.  

If you have an oversized vehicle or equipment that you need to move, you will want to work with a heavy-duty moving company to move your vehicle safely. They have the equipment, skills, and expertise to move your specialized equipment without causing any damage to it. If you are involved in an accident, they can get your heavy-duty vehicle upright and then get to the mechanic for repairs.