Selling Your Wrecked Vehicle to a Salvage Yard After an Accident

A wreck can total your vehicle and make it unsafe to drive. You then are left to decide what to do with it. You may not want to tow it back home to sit and rot in your driveway. Instead, you can sell the car for scrap metal and recoup some of its value. After a wreck, you can hire a towing service to tow your totaled vehicle to a salvage yard that buys scrap metal.

1. Get Same-Day Cash

When you have your wrecked car towed to a salvage yard, you may be able to get cash out of it the same day. The owner of the salvage yard will unload your vehicle and weigh it. He or she can then give you a quote on how much that you can be paid for its scrap metal.

You can get even faster service when you have the title ready to sign over to the salvage yard buyer. You can sign over the title, relinquish ownership of your vehicle and get cash for its scrap metal value shortly after having it towed to the salvage yard.

2. Avoiding Tags and Taxes

When your car is totaled and no longer able to be driven, you do not want to continue to pay for tags and taxes on it. If anything, you want to get rid of it so you no longer have to insure, buy tags and pay taxes on a vehicle that you cannot drive.

When you sell it to a salvage yard, you hand over responsibility to the owner of this business. Once he or she signs the title, claiming the vehicle from you, he or she assumes the property taxes, tags, and other expenses for it. You are no longer responsible for paying for a car that is not in good driving condition.

Finally, a salvage yard can buy your vehicle in any condition. Even if the front end is entirely smashed in or the hood on it is crushed, your car still has value for its scrap metal. You do not have to make any repairs or upgrades to it to convince the scrapyard to buy it from you.

A local salvage yard can buy your totaled vehicle from you. It can pay you the market rate for its scrap metal. It can also relieve you of financial responsibility for it and buy it in any condition.