4 Classic Auto Improvements For Modern Performance, Improved Safety And Better Fuel Economy

If you are planning on updating your car for modern performance, there are many different improvements that you may want to consider. When doing repairs and restoring a classic car, you want to improve performance, but you may also want to do improvements that help save gas. Here are some classic auto improvements that both improve performance and fuel economy of your classic ride:

1. Fuel Injection Conversion for Better Control of Engine Performance

Carburetors may be one of the first areas that you want to consider improving. Today, the technology of modern injection systems has surpassed conventional carburetors, and you may want to consider fuel injection conversion kits. Converting your classic car to modern fuel injection will give you much more control over the performance and open up to the possibilities of modern tuning.

2. Modern Tuning Chips That Allow You to Program Performance for Different Needs

Whether your car is one of the first modern fuel injection models or uses a conversion kit, there are many benefits to tuning. If you use a conversion kit for your car's fuel injection, you will want to use a tuning computer control module for maximum control of the performance. If your car has factory fuel injection, you will want to use modern tuning chips that allow you to adjust features like fuel and air mixture for maximized performance and fuel economy.

3. Electronic Traction Improvements for Better Handling, Safety and Fuel Efficiency

Today, there have been many advancements in modern traction control systems, and there are options to improve the handling, safety and fuel efficiency of your classic. Consider different options for aftermarket traction control systems that can be added to your car to improve its performance and handling. Today, the easiest way to do this is with ABS systems to improve handling and how the tires of your car grip the asphalt.

4. Aftermarket Air Intake and Exhaust Improvements for Improved Auto Performance

Aftermarket air intake and exhaust improvements help add horsepower and improve overall performance. First, you want to make sure you have a good air intake that improves the flow of air to your engine. In addition, you may want to consider exhaust improvements like adding headers and tubes that allow for better flow of exhaust gases out of your car.

These are some improvements for better performance and fuel savings. If you are ready to update the performance of your car but cannot legally drive it to the shop, contact an auto towing and repair service to pick up your car and talk to them about doing improvements like installing a modern fuel injection conversion kit.