Pros And Cons Of Towing A Repossessed Vehicle At Nighttime

If you're a tow truck operator who frequently does repossession work, you might have the choice of working during the daytime or the nighttime. Because tow truck companies usually run around the clock, you might lean toward doing your repossession work after dark. It's useful to talk to more experienced operators to gain their insights on doing so, as well as to evaluate the following pros and cons about nighttime vehicle repossessions.

Pro: Less Likelihood Of Encountering The Owner

When you attempt to tow a vehicle, it's often convenient if you can do so without alerting the owner. A nighttime towing assignment is usually less likely to result in this encounter, as the person may be in bed. When you're able to get the vehicle hooked up and drive away without anyone coming outside, you can complete the job without any verbal or even physical confrontations — this will save you time and increase the likelihood that you get the job done safely.

Con: More Difficult To Identify Vehicles

Before you can tow a vehicle that needs to be repossessed, you need to find it. Doing so is generally easier during the day. More vehicle traffic means that you can drive around a neighborhood and blend in more, and the daytime light makes it easier to notice license plates and cars themselves. At night, it may be difficult to read a license plate without actually approaching the vehicle with a flashlight.

Pro: Fewer Parked Cars

Parked cars around the vehicle that you're trying to tow can make your job difficult. While the concentration of parked cars in a particular area depends on a number of factors, you'll often find fewer cars in certain areas overnight. For example, if you're trying to repossess a vehicle in an area where a lot of visitors park on the street, these cars might be gone by the time you arrive. This can make it easier to not only maneuver your tow truck, but to also hook up the vehicle quickly.

Con: Potential For Hostility

People whose vehicles are being possessed can act hostile at any time of the day, but some people have a tendency to be more aggressive at night. Whether they think they can get away with more because of fewer witnesses, or they've been drinking in the evening, you could have a higher chance of encounters with owners and their family members turning out poorly.

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