Simple Signs That Your Automobile Brakes Are Going Bad

It is vital that you are keeping up with the replacement of the brakes on our vehicle. After all, they are what will make sure that you are not crashing into something. Knowing the signs that you need some brake work will help you make sure that you are getting it done as soon as it is needed.

Sometime Smells Like It Is Burning

You will probably not smell anything while you are in the vehicle. However, upon exiting it, you might notice that you are getting a whiff of a burning smell. If this smell is coming from the direction of your wheels, then it is most likely the result of something going wrong with your brakes. You might simply have some brake pads that are wearing thin and when this happens, you have a lot of metal pushing against metal when you are trying to slow the vehicle down. Then again, the problem could be that you have a brake that is stuck in position because of a malfunction or a broken part. Either way, this is a situation that you will need to get dealt with right away.

You Feel A Vibration Sensation When Hitting The Brakes

When you apply pressure to the brakes of your vehicle, you should not feel any vibration. The brake pedal should go smoothly towards the floor without any resistance or sudden movement. If you do happen to feel the pedal vibrating beneath your feet when you are braking, it is vital that you are taking it to a brake shop as soon as possible. There could be something stuck around the brake pads. Then again, you could have a bad rotor that is catching on the brake pad some whenever pressure is applied.

The Pedal Is Hitting The Floor

Your brake pedal should never go straight to the floorboard of your vehicle when you apply pressure to it. If it does, then you either need brand new brakes, more brake fluid, or you could have a broken brake line that will have to be replaced. Either way, it is not a safe vehicle to drive until the issue is resolved. Therefore, you might want to call for a tow truck to take it over to your brake specialist's garage.

With those three simple signs of brake trouble in mind, you should have a much easier time ensuring that you will always have the best possible brakes on your vehicle. For more information, contact companies like Collins Service Center.