4 Types Of Trailers Used For Heavy Or Oversize Hauling

If you have a large, oversized item that you need hauled from one location to another, you are going to need to employ the services of an oversize hauling and towing service to move your item. When you employer an oversizse hauling service, they are most likey going to use one of the four types of trailers discussed below to move your item. Think carefully about what you have to move and what type of trailer it will work best on, and use that information to guide your transportation discussions with the towing company you choose to move your oversized item.

#1 Flatbed Trailers

This is one of the most common trailer types you'll see out on the road. Flatbed trailers are essentially an open trailer. There are no walls or rails on the side of the trailer to contain items, and there is no roof on the trailer to limit the overall height of the trailer. This can be great when you have an item that is extremely tall or wide that needs to be transported. However, with this type of trailer, it becomes vitally important that the item that is moved is secured properly to the trailer.

#2 Drop Deck Trailer

This type of trailer is designed so that the height of the trailer is not even with the unit or vehicle that is pulling the trailer. This type of trailer is great for items that are taller than usual. A lower trailer allows for the transportation of taller items while still allowing the transportated vehicle to make the clearance heights for all the bridges, underpasses and tunnels that it will have to pass through in route to its new destination.

There are also drop deck trailers that have an extended trailer. These trailers are extra long, which allows for the transportation of items that are taller and longer than ususal.

#4 Gooseneck Trailers

The last type of trailer is a gooseneck trailer. These types of trailers are permanently attached to the bed of the trailer that is pulling them via an adjustable bar. These types of trailers vary greatly in size and set-up.

When you need to have an oversized item hauled to a new location, be sure to work with the towing company to figure out the best type of trailer to safely transport your oversized location to its new home. You want to make sure that the item will be secure on the trailer and that the load will be too large to drive on the road and go under overpasses and bridges. For more information, contact companies like Whistler Towing.