Three Phone Calls To Make After You Call A Towing Service

Regardless of your reason for needing a tow, you'll breathe a sigh of relief once you call your local towing service and learn that a tow truck has been dispatched to your location. What you do while you wait for your tow depends on your reason for needing a tow, but it's generally a good idea to make a few phone calls. Making these calls now can make things easier when the tow truck driver arrives on the scene. Here are the calls that you'll want to make.

Your Mechanic

Whether your car has been in an accident or has broken down, you'll need to get it fixed. The first place to start is with a phone call to your mechanic. It's ideal to let your mechanic know about your problem and advise him or her that you'll be having the vehicle towed to the shop shortly. This can allow the mechanic to anticipate your arrival — or, if the work needed on the vehicle is outside of the garage's scope, the mechanic may advise you to attend a different shop. In this case, you'll have fewer complications, as you can simply direct the tow truck driver to the right location once your vehicle is hooked up.

A Family Member Or Friend

The tow truck driver will take you to your desired shop, but you'll need a ride home from there. For this reason, it's a good idea to call a family member or friend before the tow truck arrives. Placing the call at this early time will allow the person a bit of a time cushion to meet you at the auto shop. This is better than calling once you arrive at the shop; the person will essentially have to stop what he or she is doing, and you could end up waiting a long period of time for the ride.

Your Insurance Agent

In certain situations, you'll also want to call your car insurance agent — for example, if you were in an accident. While you could technically make this phone call upon arriving home, you might as well do it while you wait for the tow truck. Making this call now will give the agent an opportunity to get the insurance claim started. Additionally, if repairs are needed, the agent may advise you on what shop to visit to have the work done. Figuring out this information in advance will prevent any hiccups later on.

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