Non-Tow Services To Expect From A Towing Company

When your vehicle is stranded in the middle of nowhere, or worse, on the side of a busy and dangerous highway, who can help? Even if your car doesn't need to be towed, you can call a tow company to get you out of a jam. They offer services beyond towing and can be extremely helpful in these types of situations. Rely on a towing company for the following services.

Fuel Delivery

Sometimes you find yourself in the awkward situation of having no gas. While you may be embarrassed to admit that you forgot to fill your fuel tank up, fuel delivery is quite common for tow companies. They can drive out to the middle of the desert to rescue you from the blistering heat with a can of fuel. Sometimes, low fuel isn't your fault. Your fuel gauge may be faulty, or a rare accident may have caused a small leak in your fuel tank. Whatever the reason, you can expect fuel delivery from a tow truck. And if the leak is too large, they'll be there to tow you out, just in case.

Lockout Services

We've all been there-- we've all somehow lost our keys or locked them inside of our vehicles. When you can't simply call a friend to bring you spare keys in the middle of the night, a tow company can come to the rescue. They often offer lockout services and can safely and easily open your car door for you. It's a far better alternative to breaking a window or walking alone in the dark. 

Tire Replacement

Sometimes you get stranded because your tire blows. You could easily change one tire yourself if you have a spare and the know-how. But what if two tires blow, or your spare is already in use, or you can't find your jack? Call a tow truck. They can replace a tire faster than you might imagine. Some tow companies will bring out a new tire so you don't have to pay to take the spare off later at a mechanic. 

Jump Start

Cars with weak batteries often won't start, even if they worked a few hours before. When you drive an hour or more away for a business meeting, it can be frustrating to return to your car and realize it won't start. If no one around you has jump cables, or you are in a remote area, let a tow company come and jump your car for you.    

These are just a few of the services a tow company can provide besides emergency towing. Use them when you're in a bind, and feel relieved knowing someone's coming to the rescue. To learn more, contact a service like AA Action Towing Inc.